Here’s our schedule for You Can Be Happy Again (YCBHA) Seminar.
Note: Dates and venues are subject to change without prior notice. We target to hold the seminar on Saturdays, 8:30am-5:30pm .


  • Mar 18: Makati
  • May 6: Baguio
  • Jun 3: Makati
  • July: Lucena or Pampanga
  • Aug: Makati
  • Sept: Cebu or Davao
  • Oct: Asia – Singapore or Malaysia
  • Nov: Makati

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YCBHA Partnership
** The seminar package is designed to be Win-Win-Win for the participants, the partner organizer and the seminar leader. If you want to be a partner in any of the above public runs of YCBHA seminar, click here: Yes, I want to organize a public YCBHA seminar in my city.

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